Different type of curls

Do you know that the different type of curls depends from the way you use your hair curler? Let me show you!

For perfect looking curls, wrap your hair around such as shown in the first picture. Make sure for the roots to start where is shown in the picture. For tight curls, wrap the hair around close and tight such as indicated in the second picture.

For loose curls, you can look at the third picture. Three different type of curls with only one hair curler.



Smell like angels…

Fragrance Here’s some tips on where to spray your favourite fragrance! From your hair to your clothes, discover where should you be using it, and what can you use it on! Have a try, and click on the image to access to these tips!

Bigger, better!


Many people say that the first thing they notice when meeting someone is their eyes – and usually it’s a case of the bigger the better. Discover ways to change your facial expression with these tricks! Shape or size of your eyes or how much sleep you got the night before, will no longer matter.


Hair Mask Using Olive Oil, Honey And Avocado

If you have dry hair and you tried almost anything to treat it but you didn’t succeed than you will find bellow what you are looking for: DIY hair mask using natural ingredients: olive oil, honey and avocado. Avocado contains amazing oils which are excellent to moisturize dry hair. Honey contains lots and lots of minerals and vitamins and will help your hair to keep his water and there so to be moisturize. The olive oil will protect your hair from becoming dry. All you have to do is to prepare an magic mixture by combining the three magic ingredients and your hair will be healthy in no time.

You will need the following ingredients: one pretty large avocado, one tbsp of raw honey and one tbsp of olive oil.

 Instructions: Take a bowl and put the avocado inside. Use a fork to mash the large avocado until it becomes smooth. Now add one tbsp of raw honey and one of olive oil. Stir continuously until it becomes an consistent paste. Use warm water to wet your hair and add the mixture in your hair. Massage your hair and pay a lot of attention to the ends of the hair. Leave it in your hair for approx 45 – 50 minutes. You can cover your hair with a shower cap while you are waiting. Wash with shampoo and rinse very well. Now your hair looks amazing. Enjoy!!!


How To Make A Hydrating Watermelon Face Mask


Creating your own watermelon-yogurt facial mask at home must be definitely one of the more effective money-saving and simple ways of pampering your face. To top it all, you are secure in the knowledge that you are using safe ingredients for your facial mask, and that it is unlikely to bring any adverse effects to your skin.

Watermelon is considered as one of the best summer fruits that is capable of keeping the hair, fingernails and skin healthy and radiant. Furthermore, this thirst-quenching fruit is believed to contain powerful antioxidants that help fight against free radicals, thereby eliminating the most common signs of skin aging like wrinkles, fine lines and age spots.

In addition to its skin moisturizing, rejuvenating and revitalizing effects, watermelon (when eaten) acts as a natural diuretic that helps the body get rid of unwanted toxins. Some studies revealed that this summer fruit contains potent unsaturated fatty acids, such as linoleum and oleic acids that exfoliate the skin, and make it appear radiant and healthy. Furthermore, these acids work best in keeping the skin well-toned, free from acne, firm, soft and moisturized all the time.

More importantly, watermelon makes an effective hydrating facial mask because 92% of its content is water. This helps in keeping the skin healthy and hydrated most of the time. When the skin is constantly hydrated, it results to better production of collagen which promotes firmer and younger looking skin. When pulp of watermelon is applied on the skin, especially on face and neck, it results in smoother complexion and softer skin.

Watermelon is also an excellent source of health nutrients like phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, potassium, omega 6 fatty acids, calcium, copper, B vitamins and iron which are proven to be beneficial to the fingernails, hair and skin. With this, scientists believe that regular intake of watermelon is effective in reducing one’s risk for different types of sun-related skin damage by as much as 40%. This fruit is also a leading source of lycopene that reduces free radicals which trigger the occurrence of wrinkles and sunburn.

Why don’t you give this all natural watermelon-yogurt face mask a try? Here, then, is the link to the full tutorial: http://ournourishingroots.com/hydrating-watermelon-face-mask/

Let us know how this watermelon-yogurt facial mask helped you – leave comments on our Facebook page!

Oily or combination skin? Don’t hate it, look after it!

We know the feeling! Clogged pores, shiny skin is not a choice for us, we are here for you to help to fight it! Breathe in and out, and have a look what routine we suggest to love your combination skin. Let’s make it fabulous!

Step 1: to start with, rinse your face with water and use a pea size oil free facial scrub or face exfoliator to help unclog pores and clean impurities. We suggest to try one of these:

Image   Image  Image

Pure Active: £2.65, Biore: £4.99, Sanctuary: £7.00

Step: Twice a week use detox mask after the scrub or exfoliator to boost your skin. We recommend these:

Image  Image

Soap and Glory: £7.67, Spa Sanctuary: £10.50

Step 3: When you scrubbed out blackheads and detoxed, your skin breathes again and feels fresh! We are almost there, now use a tonic. We recommend these:

Image  Image

Clean & Clear: £2.99, Simple: £2.99

Step 4: Moisturize your skin, give it vital moist but not oil! We recommend:

Image  Image

Simple: £4.27, Botanics: £4.99

You are ready! Doesn’t it feel amazing?