Oily or combination skin? Don’t hate it, look after it!

We know the feeling! Clogged pores, shiny skin is not a choice for us, we are here for you to help to fight it! Breathe in and out, and have a look what routine we suggest to love your combination skin. Let’s make it fabulous!

Step 1: to start with, rinse your face with water and use a pea size oil free facial scrub or face exfoliator to help unclog pores and clean impurities. We suggest to try one of these:

Image   Image  Image

Pure Active: £2.65, Biore: £4.99, Sanctuary: £7.00

Step: Twice a week use detox mask after the scrub or exfoliator to boost your skin. We recommend these:

Image  Image

Soap and Glory: £7.67, Spa Sanctuary: £10.50

Step 3: When you scrubbed out blackheads and detoxed, your skin breathes again and feels fresh! We are almost there, now use a tonic. We recommend these:

Image  Image

Clean & Clear: £2.99, Simple: £2.99

Step 4: Moisturize your skin, give it vital moist but not oil! We recommend:

Image  Image

Simple: £4.27, Botanics: £4.99

You are ready! Doesn’t it feel amazing?



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