Stay moisturized and smell like Heaven!

All of us love when our skin is smooth and silky. Some of us have more troubles looking after dry skin, where others are lucky enough to put a minimum effort. Either way, I would like to introduce to you best choice body moisturizers either you need to add extra smoothness, or rescue your skin from DRY.

I would like to introduce to your attention Sanctuary Spa and a quick skin smoothing process while you are in shower.

Step 1:


Before you are taking shower, take some sugar scrub on your hands (use it on a dry, not wet skin for better results) and in circular motions work it up from your ankles. This way you also circulate a blood flow whilst scrubbing your body.

Step 2: with warm water wash it off and the use a shower gel. Divine smell has this amazing body wash:


Step 3: just before you finish your shower, try to splash yourself with as cold water as you could, just to tone your skin. The perfect finish after shower to make it feel smooth and smell like heaven:



Body scrub: £12, Body wash £5.50, Body Lotion: £5.50.

Usualy they offer 3 for 2, where it fits in a budget. Smell like heaven and enjoy your smooth skin!


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