Let’s talk about Vitamins!

Ladies, when the winter is nearly at the end, sometimes we can feel that our skin, hair and nails are tired after the cold period and screams for some additional vitamins. I always suggest helping out your body with additional vital vitamins to keep a radiant skin, strong nails and shiny hair!

My best choice vitamins I can suggest you are:


All combined in one, gives you all you need to support your healthy hair, skin and nails. Boots or other drugstores usually promote it for 3 for 2, so it is on budget when you need a good supplement for your beauty regime.


To be beautiful, means to be healthy first of all! When you feel getting a little tired and your immune system is lacking of support, try out :


Holland and Barret always has a good quality vitamins, and vitamin C 1000g has all you need to support your immune system. They usually have nice discounts too, so you can grab it cheaper than usual when on promotion

However, don’t forget to eat your 5 a day and exercise regularly to stay healthy and full of energy. Shine!


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