10 best Budget Beauty buys

Ladies and gentleman, we all spend a little more than we should have on beauty items from time to time. But being student isn’t that easy: partying, transport and university costs may leave your purse quite empty. But what if we still want to look glam and gorgeous without spending a lot of money? We’re about to reveal our 10 favorite beauty buys under 10 pounds:

1. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, £3.99

How can we not just love this? It’s cheap and does absolutely wonders, hides everything we don’t want the world to see, starting from red spots and finishing with under eye circles. No surprise beauty gurus around world just can’t stop talking about this!


2. Batiste Dry Shampoo, £2.99

Yes, we already talked about this on our last blog post but this shampoo really is worth the hype. Studying takes a lot of time, what if we just want to freshen-up without washing the hair and do it amazingly only for 3 pounds? Yes, we reach for Batiste! And you should too.


3. Carmex Lip Balm, £2.69

I must have in your bag. Why? You always need to protect your lips from the weather no matter where you live and Carmex does it just fine. 3 of these are sold every minute and we sure know why!


4. Tea Tree Organic Essential Oil by Neal’s Yard Remedies, £7

Bad skin day? Yes, we know. All you need is just something to heal, calm and reduce the redness. And here comes the tea tree oil which so famous for its antibacterial and calming qualities. Try it if you want to introduce something organic in your skincare routine.


5. L’Oréal Paris Telescopic Mascara, £10.99

You could call it a bit of cheating but we just felt we want to share this one with you even it’s a bit more expensive. It seems like we’ve been looking for the perfect mascara almost for ages, trying different mascaras from both high-end and drugstores but none of them left as quite as satisfied as L’Oréal Telescopic Mascara. It makes your lashes look fuller and longer with just one stroke. How cool is that?


6. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder, £3.99

Ladies with an oily or combination skin just loves this powder more than words can describe. It keeps your face matte for more than 6h without any touch-ups and looks natural. Isn’t that all we want?


7. Weleda Skin Food, £8.85

Amazing stuff you can use for different purposes: on cracked lips, dry face, elbows and knees. I real life saver. If Posh loves it we sure love it too!


8. Maybelline Color Tattoo, £4.99

Great and long lasting eye shadows we like to use on daily basis. Also great as an base for other eye shadows and gives just the right amount of colour.


9. Revlon Lip Butter, £7.99

Light, natural lip butter with a nice hint of a color. It looks amazing and makes your lips so kissable and soft. We sure own more than one shade of this product!


10. Tangle Teezer, £8.20

Since we discovered this it’s hard to reach for any other hairbrush. It’s so easy to use and doesn’t hurt even if you’re having a very bad hair day. You can also use it in shower!



Which is your favorite under £10 beauty product? We would love to know!



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