Let’s talk Dry Shampoos

Ladies, we all know how it is to live in a busy city such as London: sometimes we barely have time to sleep or dink our daily morning coffee. But let’s be honest – as we are beauty addicts, we want to look good at all times, even if we’re tired and have no time to wash and fix our hair. That is exactly way the dry shampoo was intended by people how do understand how important it is to feel fresh, clean and glam with a minimal effort! As the dry shampoo is a relatively new product, we can easily find ourselves confused in the middle of beauty section in the local drugstore, and the remaining question always is: which one to choose? Which is the best, which is the worst? That is way – let’s talk dry shampoos!

First one in our radar of course is famous Batiste which comes in a range of different scents. Beauty lovers around the world loves it for several reasons: it is cheap, does its job and smells lovely. Once shaken and sprayed on to the roots it makes you look like you just stepped out of the shower and washed your hair. A must have! We always keep a can of this near by – just in case! £2.99


The next one we love is no one else but LUSH. This one is really worth the hype and makes your hair feel super clean after the use and it smells heavenly. This shampoo not only soaks all of the oils in your hair but also avoids making your hair too matte giving a natural healthy hair effect. What else do we need from a dry shampoo? £6.75


The last but not least we recommend our readers is Dove Style + Care  Dry Shampoo. Well, this one is new to the market but we already feel we couldn’t live without it. It eliminates oil, reduces ‘grease ball’ look, lightweight, adds body, washes out quickly, easy to brush through hair, inexpensive, nozzle will not clog, widely available at most drugstores. Sounds good to us! And the price is reasonable as well! £4.59


Don’t forget to check our blog for the 3 worst dry shampoos review! It’s coming soon!


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