And here comes the worst

In the last post we talked about dry shampoos we really love and would recommend to everyone. Here, ladies and gentleman, we are going to discuss shampoos that left us with a lot to desire. Either too matte, too chunky or white, that’s just not good for us, beauty addicts, is it?


The good, the bad and the greasy. This is how we call this one. Somehow it just couldn’t find a place in our daily hair routine. Why? Just for the simple reason it doesn’t make your hair feel (or at least look) clean enough. It’s fine if you want to use it for a quick touch-up but definitely not a good choice if you won’t be able to wash your hair for a few days. Our verdict: only if you can’t find nothing else or you are just looking for a quick volume booster. £3.00


This Oscar Blandi dry shampoo just got us thinking – why do we need dry shampoo for if it leaves our hair dirtier than it was? Yes, this is what we call a bad dry shampoo. The white residue which remains in the hair after spraying it on is a huge turn-off. Our verdict: only if you’re desperate. £5


Yes, it’s a love and hate relationship, and yes – we admit that from time to time we cannot help but reach for this TRESamme dry shampoo. Why hate? Because it doesn’t do much to absorb oil. On the other hand – it smells amazing and it’s cheap. Our verdict: good choice when you’re on budget and looking for a quick relief. £5.25

That’s all folks! Have a nice weekend keep checking our blog for more beauty tips!


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